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Getting to know you

Behind every successful speech,

there is undoubtedly the fact of knowing the people being talked about, so that's what I will do: I will try to get to know you, to listen to you, and to translate thoughts and words into a speech that will serve to represent you and make everyone present feel part of the celebration of an important moment.

What can I do for you?

Accompanying you

Celebrations can take various forms, from weddings to welcoming a new life to bidding a final farewell. In each of these cases, it can't be said that they are everyday events, and often a sense of "disorientation" may take over. But I will be there with you, to explain, listen, and guide you through each of these celebrations with the tranquility and awareness necessary to experience them to the fullest.

Telling Your Story

I know, it may sound repetitive,

but it truly is the key to everything:

talking about you, genuinely, about your life, your story, and what will have brought me, you, and all your loved ones together in the same moment, in the same place.

Creating a personalized ceremony

based on what you want

and have always desired!

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